Welcome to the BibleThought web site.  As you can see, there are dozens of links and articles.  This page is dedicated to help you get started in finding what you need most.  Our recommendation as to where to start depends on your background and past experiences in Bible study.  Please identify the category that best fits your situation in  the table below and go from there. More detailed instructions are given below the table.

Situations and recommendations:

  • I need material to help me teach the gospel to others.  Click Article Index, then Bible Study Methodes, then Bible Study Questions and its accompnying Guide.
  • I have little knowledge of the Bible or Jesus.  Click “Who is Jesus?” on the left panel.
  • I have some Bible knowledge, but have not given it much study because I was taught that the Bible really could not be understood.  Click “Can We Understand the Bible” on the left panel.
  • I have “gone to church” all my life but still do not have a real good understanding of the Bible.  Click “Plan of Salvation” on the left panel.
  • I am a religious person but really am not sure that I am saved.  Click “Plan of Salvation”.
  • I want to know what being a Christian is all about.  Click “Following Jesus” on the left panel.
  • I have a particular subject that I would like to get more information on.  Click “Article Index” on the left panel and it will take you to an alphabetical listing of categories.  Pick the one that best fits and it will provide a list of articles in that category.
  • I would just like to browse through some articles to get a feel for this site.  Click “Recent Articles” — this is updated with a new article weekly, and we leave the articles from about the last two months.
  • I think I have read everthing on the site.  Check “Recent Articles,” and then on the Home Page in the third column click the “Think On These Things” button for dozens and dozens more articles.  We are in the process of categorizing them and moving them onto BibleThought.
  • I have a question.  If at any time you have a question, want to make a comment, or wish to request an article be written on a particular subject, click the “Contact Us” page on the left panel.   We are very interested in discussing biblical topics with you.