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The articles within this category respond to the conventional wisdom assertions below, most of which are fallacious.  However, some of these statments contain some truth, and others are totally true but have often not been properly applied (e.g., Thou Shalt Not Kill).  We urge you to read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5, 6 and 7) to see Jesus' treatment of many things that were considered conventional wisdom in the first century.  We have included some of them here, but have also covered a wide variety of biblical topics for which conventional wisdom falls far short of the biblical standard.  Please read on through the entire list and select the topics that you may have taken for granted to read about first.
Ye Often Hear it Said:

All Great Religions Are the Same

All You Have to Do is to Accept Jesus as you Saviour

All You Have to Do is to Call Jesus Lord

An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth

Baptism is a Work and We Cannot Be Saved by Works

Baptism is an Outward Sign of Something That Already Happened Inside

The Bible Contradicts Itself

The Bible Does Not Apply To Us Today

The Bible is Just One of Many Great Books of Faith

The Bible is Still Being Written Today

The Bible is Too Complicated to Understand

Christians Have to Give Up Too Much

Church Traditions Are Just as Authoritative as Scripture

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

An Experience is Worth 1000 Scriptures

Get Saved, Then Join the Church of Your Choice

Go To The Church of Your Choice

God's Love is So Great that No One Could be Condemned

Good Men Don't Argue

The Great Commission Does Not Apply to Us Today

I Earned It and Its Mine

I Just Don't Have Time to Study

I Refuse to Debate Doctrinal Matters

If Everyone Says It, It Must Be Right

If It Was Good Enough for Momma, Its Good Enough for Me

If the Holy Spirit is In You, You Will be Able to Work Miracles

If You Are Baptized, Your Faith is Not in God's Grace

If You Believe It, Its Right for You

It Does Not Matter How We Worship God

It Does Not Matter How We Serve God

Jesus Did Not Use Necessary Inference

Jesus Will Soon Come to Set Up His Kingdom

Life Goes On

Life is a Gamble, So Gambling Cannot be Sinful

Money is the Root of All Evil

Once Saved, Always Saved - 1

Once Saved, Always Saved - 2

Our Works Have Nothing At All to Do with Our Salvation

That's Just Your Interpretation

That's Only Your Opinion

There is No Scientific Proof that God Exists

There Is Nothing in a Name

There Is Nothing We Can Do to Obtain Salvation

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

Thou Shalt Not Forswear Thyself

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Watching Worldly Movies and TV Does Not Have Any Effect on Me

Water Baptism Has Nothing to do With Salvation

We Are Just the Same as the Animals

We Are Not Justified by Works

We Are Saved by Faith Only - 1

We Are Saved by Faith Only - 2

We Cannot All Understand the Bible Alike

We Should Not Judge Since None of Us is Perfect

Whosoever Shall Put Away His Wife, Let Him Give Her a Writing of Divorcement

Wives Are To Be in Total Subjection to Their Husbands According to the Bible

A Woman is Not Fulfilled if She Does Not Have a Career

The World is Coming to an End on ...

You Can Be Saved Just Like the Thief on the Cross

You Can Prove Anything with the Bible

You Can Put Your Baptism Off

You Just Have to Repent