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Seven Myths of Denominationalism examines seven of the most popular doctrines that are held by most denominational churches.  Please read this with an open mind and examine the scriptures given to be sure that only the truth is being taught.  We welcome your questions and comments.  This work was written by Dave Brown (  The Spanish translation was done under the supervision of Jaime Hernandez Castillo. 

Seven Myths of Denominationalism (English PDF Version)

See below for alternative method of viewing and downloading the English version.

The Spanish translation of Seven Myths of Denominationalism was motivated by Jamie Hernandez Castillo, who is a preacher of the Gospel in Querétaro, México.  He did the translation with help from his brother Cesar Hernandez Castillo.  We appreciate the extensive efforts that went into this translation.  While we have no reason to doubt that the translation is true to the original, it has not been independently validated.  We are seeking anyone who is proficient in both languages to review it and give us your independent evaluation.  Please e-mail Dave Brown ( if you are willing to assist in this capacity.

Seven Myths of Denominationalism Index (Spanish)

Seven Myths of Denominationalism (Spanish)

Read or download Seven Myths of Denominationalism one chapter at a time:

Seven Myths General Control Page

Preface and Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Myth 1 - The Bible is Too Complex to Understand

Chapter 2: Myth 2 - The Old Testament is Still Binding

Chapter 3: Myth 3 - We Are Saved by Faith Only

Chapter 4: Myth 4 - Baptism is of Secondary Importance

Chapter 5: Myth 5 - All You Need is Love

Chapter 6: Myth 6 - The Rapture

Chapter 7: Myth 7 - Original Sin

Chapter 8: Where Do We Go From Here?